Project Alchemy Lefa La Rona Trust Case Study featured in Tshikululu Community Trust Benchmarking Report 2022

The extracted case study is available in PDF format. Click below to view and download this report:

The Tshikululu Community Trust Benchmarking Report 2022 is a national report, marking a significant milestone as it showcases the innovative Alchemy and Lefa La Rona Trust methodologies. Notably, the Lefa La Rona Trust Impact by Design operating model and framework have been recognised as a ‘best practice,’ making this report an indispensable resource for those seeking valuable insights into community trust.

This benchmarking study was produced by Tshikululu Social Investments, South Africa’s leading social investment fund manager and advisor, for Richards Bay Minerals (“RBM”). The aim of the study is to present examples of best practice in areas which can be used to strengthen the governance and the social development intent of the current RBM trusts.

The featured Alchemy / LLR Case Study is extracted and can be read above.

The full report can be viewed here

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