An Interactive Community Profile – Mogalakwena Local Municipality Limpopo Province – Part A

South Africa has a wealth of data to inform strategic planning and interventions to improve the living conditions of those experiencing grinding poverty, unemployment, and inequality. However, this data often does not translate into actions that create meaningful change and sustained impact. Deciding on which challenges to address can be overwhelming for organisations. Through its Impact by Design Strategy, the Alchemy benefit organizations have worked to systematically identify and test methods known to improve difficult-to-solve social problems. The principles of human-centred design and systems thinking are at the core of this emerging strategy.

This profile represents a key aspect for the evolving strategy as it engages with highly complex and resistant social problems using a life course approach.  The life course approach has been used increasingly to better understand social challenges at a systemic level. This is mainly achieved by examining events that negatively affect what is considered to be a positive life-trajectory. These events can then either be prevented or mitigated using early or remedial actions to reduce the impact of negative life events. Download report to read more…

An Interactive Community Profile

Mogalakwena Local Municipality Limpopo Province

Part A: General Profile

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This profile was produced for the Ditholwana Tsa Rena Community Development Trust with support from Lefa La Rona Trust as part of Anglo American Platinum’s Alchemy Programme. Views expressed in this profile do not necessarily reflect those of Anglo American Platinum or Ditholwana Tsa Rena Community Development Trust.

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