Alchemy Project Highlights

(Updated: April 2022)

Ditholwana Ts’a Rena Community Development Trust

Recent Social Investment Achievement Areas


Agriculture/Food Security

Digital Connectivity

Social Welfare & Infrastructure



Ditholwana Ts’a Rena Community Development Trust

Highlights of Ditholwana Ts’a Rena Community Development Trust

Ditholwana Community Trust School Improvement

Ntoampe Secondary School Admin Block


WI-FI installation

Ditholwana Community Trust Improved School Sanitation

Improved sanitation in Schools

Ditholwana Community Trust ECD Training

Graduation of ECD Practitioners after NQF Level 4 ECD Program

Twickenham and Mogalakwena
Ditholwana Ts’a Rena Community Development Trust -
Key Sectors: Education (ECD), Water & Sanitation, Local Business Development and Digital Connectivity and technology
  • Training of 42 ECD Practitioners on NQF Level 4 ECD Program
  • Training of 47 ECD Practitioners on NQF Level 4 ECD Program
  • Training of NQF Level 5 ECD Practitioners
  • Implementation of the Count Family Math’s Program to upskill teachers in Foundation phase -14 Schools (7 Mapela
  • and 7 Mokopane) for 2030 Children and 17 teachers and 14 Tutors
  • Training 52 Community health workers to work in 22 Health Centres around Mapela and Mokopane
  • Empowerment of the community through digital enablement by deploying a WI-FI network and supplying internet – 7 schools, three Health Centers and 1 tribal authority
  • Provision of Programing and Coding Training to 154 Young learners
  • Promoting food security and hunger alleviation by the implementation of food tunnels Program in 57 ECD Centres in Mapela which benefited a total of 1524 Children
  • Assisted 1000 families within the Mapela & Mokopane areas with food parcels for three months – April to June 2021
  • Extended to provision of food parcels and Covid protection packs to 57 ECD Centres to prepare them to re-open after easing from Alert Level 4 to 3
  • Upgrading School sanitation facilities – (4) Mapela and (3) Mokopane with 2860 beneficiaries across the schools
  • Bohlapa Kolobe School Upgrade – 10 Mobile Classrooms
  • Mabualea Primary School Upgrade – 4 Mobile Classrooms
  • Silo School for the Blind – Library and Computer centre
  • Mokopane Tribal Office Upgrade
  • Water provision for six Mapela communities – 50kl of water per family targeting 6600 people
  • Installation of sporting facilities @ 2 Schools with water purification facilities (AB Makapan and Mmantutle School)
Outcomes and Early Impact